Auction Rules

1. An 18% buyer's premium is added to all purchases. Payment is by Paypal, check or money order. A 3% discount will be applied to all invoices paid by check or money order.
2. Bid by item number. Giving description helps avoid errors. Minimum bids are listed on website.
3. Items are guaranteed authentic. Price estimates are those of the consignor or auctioneer.
4. Bid to "top all others" or "buy" bids are not accepted.
5. Consignor retains the right to reject all bids prior to final day of auction.
6. The minimum bid on a lot is $5. All bids must be in whole dollar amounts. A bid may be cancelled if auctioneer is notified prior to the final day. No bid may be cancelled the last day.
7. Phone bids are accepted business hours and evenings of the final week of the auction. All bids must raise the current high bid by 10% or $1, whichever is greater.

8.  Any item that does not receive a bid or that has only one bid will close at 11 p.m. Eastern Time (8 p.m. Pacific). All other items will be put on  a 30-minute clock beginning at 11 p.m. When the item goes 30 minutes without a bid, that item will close. Items will close individually, not as a group. If a bid is placed on an item during the 30-minute period, the clock on that item will reset to 30 minutes. Placing a new ceiling bid on an item will not reset the clock. Only higher bids by another bidder will reset the clock.
9. If the current bid is more than $5,000 it may be raised by $500 increments up to a bid of $15,000. After $15,000 is bid on a lot, the minimum increase is $1,000.
10. If you bid by mail or fax you may have a bid increased in 10% increments to any upper limit you desire. Bidding by phone or Internet you may leave a top maximum bid. These increments are executed only if your bid is topped.
11. High bidders in the first session may request a "call back" if their bid is topped on items over $500. High bidders in the second session may request a "call back" if their bid is topped on items over $200.
12. Mail bids must be received by the closing date.
13. Postage and insurance will be billed to the successful bidder.
14. Items may be returned within 7 days only if improperly described.
15. Collectors will be billed for their winnings, which will be sent upon payment.
16. Ohio residents must pay 6.75% Ohio state sales tax or furnish their Vendor's License Number.
17. Extended payment terms or spending limits should be made at the time of the bidding. Extended payments require a 1/3 immediate down payment and balance in 60 days. Payment by check or money order only. All accounts must be settled within 90 days or deposit is forfeited.